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Welcome to the Alwinac!

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

Posts to the Alwinac blog will explore a rich array of Alwin Schroeder-related topics. Here you will find cello music that Alwin and other historical cellists played in the US ca. 1800-1930, the "My Favorite Schroeder" series where guest contributors share ideas and stories about the 170 Foundation Studies, and lots of cello history and trivia. The idea is like an open-ended cello almanac - an Alwinac.

Cello Music: pieces that Alwin and other cellists played before and during Schroeder's years in the US. A lot of this music is lesser-known, and I'll share video and sheet music links so you can try these pieces yourself. My goal is to post 170+ pieces by Alwin's 170th birthday in 2025.

My Favorite Schroeder. Which of the 170 Foundation Studies are your favorites? Share your Schroeder stories and ideas in my guest series on the Schroeder etudes!

Cello History and Trivia. I'll fill you in on what I've been learning about the annals of the cello in the US, with emphasis on the period from about 1800 to 1930. If you love cello trivia or want to know more about who was playing what, when, and where (and how, and sometimes why), stay tuned!

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