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Hugo Becker's Love Scenes, Op. 7

Updated: May 28, 2022

Liebesleben (Love Scenes), a "little suite" for cello and piano, was published in Liepzig by Max Brockhaus in 1894. I discovered it in the Carlo Fischer Collection at the Hennepin County Library in the summer of 2021.

The six movements are Begegnung (First Sight), Zweifel (Doubt), In Traumen (Dreaming), Tandelei (Flitting), Frage (Question), and Antwort (Answer). The song-like form and expression of five of the movements is contrasted with the instrumentally-conceived and aptly-named Flitting movement. Becker dedicated this suite to one of his teachers, Alfredo Piatti, and performed individual movements on Museum Orchestra concerts in Frankfurt at about the time that Becker was alternating with the aging Piatti on London chamber concert.

Listen to my performance of "First Sight" and "Flitting"

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