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Schroeder Premieres

Henry Holden Huss         

Sonata in A Major (before 1909)

Alwin Schroeder and the composer gave the world premiere of this four-movement sonata, which Huss dedicated to Schroeder. Huss's biographer Gary A. Greene states that the music for the sonata is now "apparently lost" (Henry Holden Huss: An American Composer's Life, p. 256). This work was later taken up by Boris Hambourg and other cellists. “There was warm and genuine applause after Alwin Schroeder’s playing of Henry Holden Huss’s sonata at Mendelssohn Hall last Monday afternoon and it was applause that had weight, for the audience was composed of thorough musicians... the third movement, a romanza, was marked by especially beautiful melody.”   (Brooklyn Life, Feb. 5, 1910, p. 19)

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