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Schroeder Premieres

Max Fiedler                       

Sonata in E-flat Major (before 1909)

Alwin Schroeder and the composer gave the US premiere of the Fiedler sonata on the Hess-Schroeder Quartet's 1908-9 Boston concert series at Chickering Hall. Still in manuscript at the time, the sonata had been played earlier in Leipzig, with Klengel and the composer. “... it was around the Fiedler sonata, naturally, that most interest centered. The composer played as he conducts, with authority. ... From the very Schubert-like beginning of the piece to its brilliant ending it is a thing of resonance and genuine power. To hear two such musicians as Messrs Schroeder and Fiedler together, as was the case last night, was as unusual as it was memorable." (Boston Globe, April 14, 1909, p. 6) “Mr. Fiedler’s sonata... is in four movements. The themes of the first are fresh and they have a marked profile. The spirit of the movement is romantic, and the development of the thematic material is interesting, not merely scholastic and perfunctory." (Philip Hale in Boston Herald, April 14, 1909, p. 7)

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