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Schroeder Premieres

Howard Brockway           

Suite in E minor, Op. 35 (ca. 1909)

Alwin Schroeder and the composer gave the world premiere of the Brockway Suite on a Hess-Schroeder Quartet concert at Boston's Jordan Hall, November 29, 1909. Of the Suite the Boston Globe wrote, “It is a work rejoicing in richness and substance of content and in a style with qualities to interest and frequently to charm the listener. Each of the four movements begins with a well defined, significant theme. Free flowing, logically built and cumulative melody abounds in the work for the ’cello. Of this phase, Mr Schroeder made much. ... [T]he reading was always musicianly, both for its tonal quality and its dignity. …Mr Brockway and Mr Schroeder were repeatedly recalled to the stage after their performance.” (Nov. 30, 1909, p. 9)

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